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How to help out your neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic

by Kevin on 25/03/2020
How to help out your neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to help out your neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic

The global coronavirus pandemic is, well, downright frightening. Schools have shut down, toilet paper and cleaning products are selling out, and we’re urged to stay home whenever we possibly can.

While there will always be things that remain beyond our control, helping those around us who need assistance is something we can do.

Here’s a list of ways that you can help out those around you, while still adhering to health regulations.

Start by reaching out 

apartment for rent in hcmc 01 How to help out your neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic

It goes without saying that with social distancing rules in place, being without those who bring you comfort, love and physical affection is extremely tough. For some, it can cause quite significant emotional distress.

It’s important to check in with not just those you love, but people in your street or apartment building that you suspect may be alone or having a hard time.

This is the time to send a text message – or even a letter or postcard – to let people know they’re not alone.

Get specific


Everyone’s needs look different at the moment, so one of the most helpful things you can do is to ask what kind of help your neighbours need. You might be able to do a grocery shop, weed the garden or simply be there for a chat on the other end of the phone.

 It’s also worth checking to see if a Facebook group has been created for your suburb or town. This way, if you see someone asking for something you can’t provide, you may be able to find someone who can.

Leave a note 


The elderly, who are at a higher risk for developing complications associated with coronavirus, are less likely to use social networking to ask for help. One way that people are tackling this is by popping a card under their door or in the letterbox.

This great idea has garnered attention on Twitter after user Becky Wass posted a printable flyer that makes getting the word out and extending a helping hand easy. Since then, businesses like Melbourne-based florist Hello Blooms have gotten involved, offering free bunches with the note attached for those who believe there was someone vulnerable close to them.

Your note can include your name and contact information, and what you feel comfortable doing to help out your neighbours. For example, you could let people know that you’re healthy and willing to go grocery shopping for them. Or you can explain that you’re available to talk on the phone or host a video chat.

Don’t panic buy 


Yes, it may be tempting to get everything you possibly can when you’re at the supermarket. But keep in mind that the more you take, the less someone else can have. Grab what you realistically need, and think about those around you.

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